Hospitals, medical offices, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care facilities, any healthcare setting looking to provide an exceptional experience for patients and their families – that’s the reason I’m here.

Here’s what people are saying:


I’ve known Kate since the two of us began our careers working in organ donation and transplantation. In all those years, I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to elevating the field of caring for patients and their families. Her professionalism, passion and energy are truly inspirational and she makes every person feel like they are the center of her attention.  A lot of people talk about positive change; Kate makes it happen.    –Leah, RN


We had a mandatory customer service training at work. My manager told me I had to attend. I hate these things. They’re always the same: some person with no real life clue gets up and tells us all we have to be nicer to patients. Miserable. I walked in prepared to hate all 90 minutes but I was so wrong. Kate kept my attention the whole time. She never sounded like she was reciting the same speech she’d given a million times before. I actually got some new information and ways to apply it to my job. This was a really good presentation and I’m really glad I went.      –Matt, Certified Medical Assistant